Market Report request

Services I provide

  • Determining your buying power
  • Establishing clear and realistic search criteria
  • Documentation of pre-approval of mortgage verification from lender
  • Property searches
  • Property viewings
  • Weekly progress updates
  • Step by step assistance and guidance
  • Establishing timing requirements 
  • Additional information searches related to the transaction
  • Simple Market Analysis of property being purchased
  • Pulling titles and registering documents
  • Preparing legally binding contracts/documents
  • Electronic signatures, documents and contracts *
  • Placing you in the best negotiating position available - negotiating terms and conditions on your behalf
  • Presenting all offers and counter offers to you upon retrieval
  • Obtaining and delivering condominium documents to both you and the condominium document inspector
  • Booking a home inspection and any additional inspections, if required
  • Delivering deposits/documentation to the appropriate professionals (Selling REALTOR®, cooperating brokerage, lender, home inspector, condominium document inspector, lawyer, etc.)
  • Communication cooperation and followup with other industry professionals (as mentioned above).
  • Reminders of important tasks and dates
  • Obtaining and documenting a letter of mortgage commitment from your lender
  • Key exchange at the time of your possession
  • Pre-possession walkthrough of the property
  • Documenting a paper trail of all contracts, agreements and paper-work which I will be providing a copy to you
  • Confidentiality during and after our agreement ends

Please Do 

  • Communicate with me along the way.
  • Inform me if you would like to change your search requirements. 
  • Notify me if your financial situation changes. 
  • Tell me if you change your mind or decide to take a break. 
  • Ask me for additional information when needed. 
  • Inform me of any properties of interest to you including: online, drive by's, new home builds, or for sale by owners. I will take you to see them and help you through it.
  • Inform me immediately if any REALTOR®'s or sellers approach you with an offer. 

Please Do Not

  • Go into open houses without me. Go into show homes without me. Book any appointments to see houses with out me. Talk to any other REALTOR®'s or sellers without me. 
(This is for your protection. Anything you say or do can be used against you in negotiations.)